Nico Larco, AIA |  Associate Professor, SCI Co-Director | University of Oregon: "Welcome to the National Urbanism Next Conference" (PDF)

Mayor Ted Wheeler | City of Portland : "Welcome to the City of Portland"

Representative Earl Blumenauer | Oregon 3rd District: "A Second Chance: Building Livable Communities with the Future of Technology" 

Jeff Tumlin | Principal | Nelson Nygaard : "Learning from the Past for a Better City of the Future" (PDF)

Susan Shaheen, Phd. | Adjunct Professor & Director of Innovative Mobility Research | University of California, Berkeley : "The Future of Shared Mobility" (PDF)

Panel Discussion : "The Evolution of Transit in the Time of AVs"

Panel Discussion : "Re-imagining Retail in an e-Commerce World"

Matt Hoffman | VP of Innovation | Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. + Sahar Shirazi | Senior Planning Advisor | Gevernor's Office of Planning and Research - California : "Planning for the People: How Emerging Technologies Can Help or Harm the Most Vulnerable" (PDF)

Robin Chase | Co-Founder | Zipcar, Veniam, & "Nightmares and Dreams of our AV Future" (PDF)


Session 1

A. How can Urban Planning Engage with the AV Revolution?

John Cole | Senior Planner | City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability
Lew Fulton | Co-Director of Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways Program | UC Davis
Susan Handy | Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy | UC Davis
Art Pearce | Policy, Planning, and Projects Group Manager | City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

B. Low Speed Mobility in a New World

Jeff Owen | Senior Planner, Active Transportation | TriMet
Kati Rubinyi | President | Civic Projects
Peter Hurley | Senior Planner | Portland Bureau of Transportation
Drusilla Van Hengel | Principal | Nelson\Nygaard
Jillian Detweiler | Executive Director | The Street Trust

C. AVs Financial and Budgetary Implications for Cities

Benjamin Clark, PhD | Assistant Professor | University of Oregon
William Riggs, PhD, AICP, LEED AP | Assistant Professor |University of San Francisco
Kerry Edinger Snodgrass, MPA ‘18 | University of Oregon; Program Associate |Sustainable Cities Initiative

D. Critical Perspectives on Travel Behavior Implications of AV

Patrick Singleton, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor | Utah State University
Aaron Golub, Ph.D. | Associate Professor | Portland State University
Kelly Clifton, Ph.D. | Professor | Portland State University
Giovanni Circella, Ph.D. | Director, 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program, Institute of Transportation Studies | University of California, Davis
Ron Milam, AICP, PTP | Director of Advancing the Status Quo | Fehr & Peers

E. The Ama-zoning of America (PDF)

Rick Stein, AICP | Principal & Owner | Urban Decision Group and Urban Mobility Research Center
Kelly Rula | New Mobility Strategist | Seattle Department of Transportation
Justin Robbins, AICP | AV/CV Transportation Planner | HDR
Jason Sudy, AICP | Principal | OHM Advisors

F. Making Smart Cities Equitable (PDF)

Matt Hoffman | Vice President of Innovation | Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Tiffany Manuel | Vice President of Knowledge, Impact, & Strategy | Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Session 2

G. Dystopia or Utopia (PDF)

Gerry Tierney, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Principal, Perkins+Will
Jeffrey Tumlin, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard
Amanda Eaken, Director of Transportation and Climate, Urban Solutions Program, National Resources Defense Council
Andrew Dick, Connected, Automated, and Electric Vehicle Advisor, Oregon Department of Transportation

H. Streets, Sidewalks, Stoops: Propellers, Wheels, and Batteries

Mike Usen, AICP, Senior Transportation and Environmental Planner, DKS Associates
Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility Advisor, Alta Planning + Design
Gabriel Scheer, Director of Strategic Development, Limebike
Kelly Rula, New Mobility Strategist, Seattle Department of Transportation
Adrian Pearmine, National Director for Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles, DKS Associates
David Catania, Head of Public Affairs, Starship Technologies

I. Effective Decision-Making for Freight-Efficient Land Uses

José Holguín-Veras, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Catherine Lawson, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, University at Albany, SUNY

J. Urban Retail in the E-Commerce Age

Conrad Kickert, PhD, Assistant Professor of Urban Design, University of Cincinnati - School of Planning
Vikas Mehta, PhD, Associate Professor of Urbanism; Fruth/Gemini Chair; Ohio Eminent Scholar of Urban/Environmental Design, University of Cincinnati - School of Planning
Heather Arnold, Principal of Research and Analysis, StreetSense

K. BEEP Science Fiction (PDF)

Kirsten Tilleman, AICP, Environmental & Safety/ Security Planner, WSP
Madeline Carroll, Designer/Consultant, Madeline B Carroll Design
Emily Buckberg, Masters of Architecture Student, University of Oregon
Joel Hill and Matt Hlavaty, Humber Design Group Sabrina Ortiz Luna, Masters of Architecture Student University of Oregon
Ryan McCullough, Ankrom Moisan Architects Steph Nappa, Masters of Community and Regional Planning, University of Oregon
Luke Ralston, Masters of Architecture Student, University of Oregon
Jeff Schnabel, Associate Professor, Portland State University School of Architecture
Nic Smith, Associate / Architect, Hacker Ric Stephens, Stephens Planning and Design
Jenna Whitney, Masters of Community and Regional Planning Student, University of Oregon

L. Pricing as a Demand Management Tool

Tyler Frisbee, Policy and Innovation Manager, Metro
Art Pearce, Policy Planning and Projects Group Manager, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Angela DeLuca, Sustainable Land Use Fellow in the Environmental and Natural Resource Law Center, University of Oregon


M. Navigating Regulatory Potholes Impacting Technology and Mobility

Gregory Rodriguez, Attorney/Advocate, Best Best & Krieger
Greg Rogers, Policy Analyst/Assistant Editor, Eno Center for Transportation
Pete Gould, Advocate, Shared Mobility Strategies LLC

N. Living Street

Jerome Unterreiner, Senior Urban Designer and Vice President, HOK
Sterling Rung, ASLA, Project Designer, PLACE
Dylan Morgan, Urban Designer, PLACE
Rae Smith, AICP, Senior Urban Designer, HOK

O. Impacts of Technological Change on State and Local Budgets (PDF)

Mary Murphy, Project Director, The Pew Charitable Trusts
William Fox, Director, Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Tennessee
Donald Boyd, Principal, Boyd Research

P. The Role of Transit in an Automated Future

Michelle Poyourow, Principal Associate, Jarret Walker + Associates
Lorna Parkins, AICP, Vice President, Transportation Planning, Michael Baker International
Ron Milam, AICP, PTP, Director of Evolving the Status Quo, Fehr & Peers

Q. Planning for Retail in a an On-Line World

Larisa Ortiz, Principal, Larisa Ortiz Associates LLC
David Greensfelder, Managing Principal, Greensfelder Commercial Real Estate LLC
Christopher Beynon, AICP, Principal, MIG Inc.

R. A Shared Future: How the Sharing Economy Impacts the (PDF)

Steve Gutmann, Senior Account Manager, moovel
Rebecca Lewis, PhD, Assistant Professor and Sustainable Cities Initiative Research Director, University of Oregon
Andrew Kalloch, Public Policy Attorney, Airbnb
Amanda Loper, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, David Baker Architects
Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Project Manager, Active Transportation Division, Portland Bureau of Transportation

S. Planning for an Automated Tomorrow, Beginning Today

Eliot Rose, Technology Strategist, Metro
Peter Hurley, Senior Transportation Policy Planner, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Jeff Owen, Senior Planner, Active Transportation, TriMet

T. The Future of the Curb (PDF)

Cory Weinberg, Reporter, The Information
Greg Rogers, Policy Analyst/Assistant Editor, Eno Center for Transportation
Gillian Gillett, Transportation Policy Advisor, City of San Francisco
Allison Wylie, Transportation & Mobility Policy Associate, Uber
Eric Womeldorff, Principal, Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants

U. Reshaping Cities in a Post-Parking World: A Real Estate Development Perspective

Ian Carlton, Project Director & Co-Founder, ECONorthwest &
Lisa Abuaf, Development Manager, Prosper Portland
Noel Johnson, Principal, Cairn Pacific Collaborative
Eric Cress, Principal, Urban Development + Partners

V. Equity Impacts of Shared/Electric/Connected/Autonomous Vehicles (PDF)

Veronica Siranosian, AICP, LEED GA, Director, AECOM Ventures/Transportation, AECOM
Ryan Snyder, Principal, Transpo Group
Amanda Eaken, Director of Transportation and Climate, Urban Solutions Program, National Resources Defense Council
Jana Lynott, AICP, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, AARP

W. Long Range Thinking and Systems Change: Three Examples from the Bay Area (PDF)

Ratna Amin, Transportation Policy Director, SPUR
Amanda Brown-Stevens, Managing Director, Resilient by Design
Doug Johnson, Transportation Planning Manager, San Francisco Planning Department


1. An AV for Everyone: Shared Mobility and Equity (PDF)

Eliot Rose, Technology Strategist, Metro
Vivian Satterfi eld, Deputy Director, OPAL
Zach Henkin, Deputy Director, Forth
Aaron Golub, PhD, Associate Professor, Portland State University
Ingrid Fish, Electric Vehicle Policy Lead, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Tim Navarrette, Community Manager, ReachNow

2. Build it and They Won't Come: The Parking Revolution

Matt Shelden, AICP, Director, Planning & Innovation Planning, Environment & Project Development Department, Sound Transit
Jemae Hoffman, ENV SP, EastLink Light Rail Development Manager (2018) Director for Sustainable Cities (through Dec 2017) & formerly from VIA (2017) Sound Transit (2018)
Mark Hallenbeck, Director of the Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC), University of Washington
Dylan Glosecki, Co-Chair AIA Seattle, Urban Design Forum, Senior Architect, VIA Architecture and Planning
Frank Ching, MBA, CPP, Board of Directors & Executive Offi cer, National Parking Association; Deputy Executive Offi cer of Countywide Planning Parking Management & Shared Mobility, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro)

3. Building a Street of the Future: A Playbook of Action for Delivering Green, Complete and Smart Streets (PDF)

Adam Beck, PIA, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand
Chris Isles, PIA, Director of Planning, Place Design Group

4. Designing for the Future Livable City: How do we Put People First in Street Design?

Gerry Tierney, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Principal, Perkins+Will
Aaron Knorr, Registered Architect (PA), LEED AP BD+C, Senior Architect, Perkins+Will
Meg Merritt, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard
Art Pearce, Policy, Planning and Projects Group Manager, Portland Bureau of Transportation

5. Emerging Technologies and the Future of Street Design (PDF)

Lake McTighe, Urban and Regional Planner, Metro
Karla Kingsley, Senior Planner, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.
Hermanus Steyn, Senior Principal Engineer, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.
Michael Corrente, Project Manager, TriMet
Denver Igarta, Complete Streets Planning Manager, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Radcliffe Dacanay, City Planner, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Mollie Pelon, Technology and Transportation Manager, NACTO
Anna Slatinsky, Planning Division Manager, City of Beaverton
Todd Juhasz, Transportation Division Manager, City of Beaverton
Erin Wardell, Principal Transportation Planner, Washington County

7. Framework Design for the Next Generation Industrial Neighborhood

Tim Smith, AICP, AIA, Principal, Urban Design + Planning, SERA Architects
Wilfred Pinfold, CEO, Urban Systems, Inc

8. Friends or Foes? AV, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians: What do we Need to Know, and How Will we Learn It? (PDF)

Rebecca Sanders, PhD, Head of Research, Toole Design Group
Marc Schlossberg, PhD, Co-Director, Sustainable Cities Initiative, University of Oregon
William Riggs, PhD, AICP, LEED AP, Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco
Justin Owens, PhD, Research Scientist, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

9. Futureproofing Development in the OMSI District (PDF, part 1) (PDF, part 2)

Carol Gossett, Property Development Manager, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Speaker
Derrick Harris, Engineer, Portland General Electric
Troy Doss, Senior Planner, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Carl Abbott, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University

10. Land Valuation Impacts (PDF)

Jason Sudy, AICP, Principal, OHM Advisors; Urban Mobility Research Center
Rick Stein, AICP, Principal & Owner, Urban Decision Group, Urban Mobility Research Center
Justin Robbins, AICP, AV/CV Transportation Planner, HDR; Urban Mobility Research Center

11. Parking and the Future of Mobility: How to Build for Two Realities

Joshua Karlin-Resnick, Senior Associate, Nelson\ Nygaard
Francis Weld, Vice President, Strategy and Development, San Francisco Giants
Eric Cress, Principal, Urban Development + Partners
Chris Zahas, Managing Principal, Leland Consulting Group
Bryce Payne, Vice President, Commercial Real Estate, HomeStreet Bank

14. Scenario Planning for an Uncertain Future

Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility Advisor, Alta Planning + Design
Alex Steinberger, Project Manager, Fregonese Associates
Jean Crowther, AICP, New Mobility Group Lead, Alta Planning + Design
Ken Snyder, Programming Director, Radian|PlaceMatters

15. The Price to Pay for Easy AV Travel (PDF)

Lauren Mattern, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
Owen Ronchelli, Executive Director, Go Lloyd
Kathryn Doherty-Chapman, Employee Outreach/Bike Program Manager, Go Lloyd
Tom Brennan, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
Peter Dempster, Strategy + Market Development, ReachNow

16. Transit Agency Focus in an Era of New Mobility

Casey Gifford, Transportation Planner, King County Metro Transit - Seattle, WA
Eric Hesse, Supervising Planner for Policy Innovation and Regional Collaboration, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Jeff Owen, Senior Planner, Active Transportation, TriMet
Jeb Doran, Senior Project Manager, TriMet
Jeffrey Tumlin, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard
Veronica Siranosian, Director, AECOM Ventures/ Transportation

17. Where'd All the Money Go? Opportunities and Challenges for Local Government Finances

Lorelei Juntunen, Partner/Project Director, ECONorthwest
Josh Lehner, State Economist, State of Oregon
Lisa Abuaf, Development Manager, Prosper Portland

Wednesday Plenaries

"WHAT WE HEARD" : Becky Steckler, AICP | Program Manager | Urbanism Next, University of Oregon

"WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS" : Donna Davis, PhD. | Assistant Professor, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Research and Director of the Strategic Communication MA program |(PDF)





"THE FINAL WORD" : Nico Larco, AIA | Associate Professor, SCI Co-Director | University of Oregon


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