our mission

Urbanism Next is the source for information about the potential impacts of emerging technologies — autonomous vehicles, E-commerce and the sharing economy— on city development, form, and design and the implications for sustainability, resiliency, equity, the economy, and quality of life.


Goals & Strategies

  • Develop research agendas with public and private sector partners 
  • Research the secondary impacts of emerging technologies
  • Research and analyze the range of options to address secondary impacts to maximize benefits and minimize negative impacts

  • Connect with national, statewide, and regional experts on the impacts of emerging technologies
  • Work with network partners on research, funding, and outreach
  • Convene network members
  • Provide value to network partners 

  • Conduct outreach events to present research at the local, state, and national level  
  • Distribute information online and through academic and professional print outlets
  • Build awareness of issues among professionals, researchers, decision-makers, and the public

  • Analyze policy options
  • Present research and policy options to decision-makers
  • Convene pertinent policy making entities
  • Participate in policy discussions

This video provides an overview of the research Urbanism Next is doing to help cities prepare for advances in technology such as the advent of autonomous vehicles (AV's), the rise of e-commerce, and the proliferation of the sharing economy.